A BETTER WAY - Rebranding Your Business

A little over three years ago, I left a growing career in corporate luxury retail and started my little company. I was determined to find that elusive work/life balance lifestyle and thought there must be a BETTER WAY.

· A better way to have a fulfilling & meaningful career

· A better way to support my adult children, who still need me (and I, them)

· A better way to incorporate values that have meaning to me (trust, honesty, community, and community support)

· A better way to help others build a lifestyle or business that supports their core values & needs

And so, my business was born, At Your Service Office Assistant. A small business that helps other small business owners by providing support services, project management and pretty much assisting entrepreneurs overcome the overwhelming requirements of running a business and a life.

Fast forward to 2017, and I am proud of the steady growth of my small business. Still small in relation to the corporate stratosphere I had resigned from. But a BIG DEAL to me. My daughter joined the company and together we searched for the vision and mission of our business. We knew we needed to convey our mission in a more efficient, contemporary manner. It quickly became apparent that rebranding was in order! We knew there would be many challenges to face in our rebranding strategy.

We answered many questions before we rebranded, looked for examples of other companies who have successfully rebranded and how they accomplished their new story telling. Even with the research and a team to help us, rebranding is no easy feat & not without expense. But here we are, rebranded, modern & fun. Our new name, logo & branding is an expression of our company, the services that we offer and it tells the story of our responsive project management.


If you feel your website, logo, brand or business is tired, no longer relevant, let us know. We can help. We’ve been through it too.