Owning or Starting a New Business Isn’t Easy. Check Out Our Favorite Podcasts to Inspire, Motivate, and Inform Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

Podcasts are our favorite way to get inspired, learn on the go and get the best information while multitasking. Download one of these, or all of them & jump on a treadmill, take the dog for a hike or throw in a load of laundry. There is nothing to hold you back from learning on the go with these great podcasts.

In our last blog, Top Resources to Help You Launch Your Dream, we referenced the podcast  How I Built This With Guy Raz from NPR as a resource to refill your motivation and inspiration cup. We love How I Built This because it shares the (sometimes rocky) journey of world renowned businesses and companies. The most popular episode is about Gary Erickson the founder of Clif Bars. Listen to How I Built This With Guy Raz by clicking here.


Career RELaunch

Career Relaunch is a feel- good inspiring podcast that features guest speakers who share the successes and challenges experienced during a career change. Host of the show, Joseph Liu, left his corporate job in 2013 to become a personal coach for those looking to relaunch their careers.  One of our favorite episodes is Making Your Next Career Move with Khai Yong Ng. Click here to subscribe to Career Relaunch with Joseph Liu.


Inc. Magazine called Femtrepreneur one of the best business podcasts of 2017. Hosted by founder Mariah Coz and tech wiz Megan Minns, Femtrepreneur is focused on designing and developing online courses, but also offers a wealth of knowledge on digital marketing and blogging. Check out episode TFS 051: 5 Blogging Tips for Business for blogging inspiration. Subscribe to Femtrepreneur here.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Want to hear from expert entrepreneurs in the field? Host John Lee Dumas interviews top entrepreneurs on growing pains and experiences that led to success. Entrepreneurs on Fire adds new interviews everyday, and currently has over 1800 interviews available. If you only have time to listen to one episode, we recommend 1272: John Lee Dumas chats with Tony Robbins. You can subscribe to Entrepreneurs on Fire by clicking here.


The Goal Digger Podcast

Hostess of The Goal Digger Podcast, Jenna Kutcher is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business podcasts. Her magnetic personality and sense of humor make you feel that you are talking with a friend rather than learning about marketing or business strategy. Women entrepreneurs and business owners should check out Navigating Being a Girl Boss in a Man’s World. Subscribe to The Goal Digger Podcast by clicking here.

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