Your resolution to start a business in 2018 begins here. Our top picks for the best resources to help you launch your dream.

If starting your own business is one of your resolutions for 2018, you have come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite resources for startups to provide you with answers and guidance to help you achieve your dream.

How much does it cost to start a business?

The Small Business Association’s website has a lot to offer to small businesses, but one of our favorite features of their website is the guidance provided on calculating startup costs. provides information on how to identify your expenses as well as how to estimate what your costs will be. Understanding the big financial picture will tell you roughly how much capital you will need and prepare you for if/when you want to apply for funding.

What else do I need if I want to apply for funding? is a network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and experts that provide FREE counseling for small business owners. While on their website you can view mentors profiles, request a meeting with a mentor, or take local workshops. A Score mentor would be the ideal person to ask what information you will need to apply for startup funding, and where to start.

Do I really need a business plan?

If you want your business to be successful, developing a business plan is imperative. A business plan is a document that shows the path you plan to take and how your business will be successful. There are opposing views on the importance of a business plan, but the research that goes into creating a business plan gives you amazing insight on the challenges you may encounter in the future. is an terrific resource that provides free templates as well as step by step instructions on how to research and write an effective business plan.

How will I keep all of these projects organized?

There are a number of sites and apps that allow you to collaborate, manage projects and create to do lists. is a favorite of our team because it's easy to use and view. Another great option for startups is that has a free plan which cuts the  additional expense of Project Management software.

What other tools or resources will I need? is a valuable resource that shares tools and information to assist women on the path to becoming successful entrepreneurs. With topics ranging from Entrepreneurship 101, Getting off the Ground, Growth Strategy, and Funding this site will provide you with step by step guides and tools for all stages of business ownership.

Following your dream & starting a new business won’t be easy, so here is one of our favorite PODCASTS to keep you inspired. How I Built This WIth Guy Raz from NPR will surprise you with scrappy start-up stories from industry leaders such as Arthur Blank of Home Depot and Tom Chappell of Tom’s of Maine.

If your entrepreneurial spirit keeps nudging you forward, and you have done hours of planning, budgeting, and wondering when is the right time to start; there is no better time than 2018! Take the next step, use the resources and support you need, because the secret to living your dream, is getting started!

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