Nearly 1,000 women start their own business every day and if you are one of them, then we have taken care of locating all resources you need to help you successfully launch your new business!

As a woman owned and operated small business, we know a thing or two about finding the best information to start, run and strategically manage a new business. Some of our favorites are tried and true websites that have lots of information to wade through, so we have highlighted the best sites and information we think you will find extra useful in your pursuit of building the business you have always dreamed of.



While the Small Business Association seems like a no-brainer for information on starting your business, there is so much material to wade through, we wanted to point out some specific details for women owned businesses. From funding, to getting certified as a woman owned business as well as getting government contracts, this website will help you through all the stages of your business. It will help you navigate start up, growth, hiring processes and other growing pains for your small business. It's worth book marking this site for regular review!


Project Entrepreneur

Project Entrepreneur was developed by Rent The Runway Co-Founders, Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss. The mission of Project Entrepreneur is to provide "women access to the tools, training and networks needed to build scalable, economically impactful companies." They provide four educational modules that walk you through Entrepreneurship, Getting Your Business Off the Ground, Developing a Growth Strategy, and Funding.


Ellevate Network

Ellevate Network is a global women's networking resource. The tools available through this network are numerous, but our favorites are the Squads and Chapter events. There are personalized networking and brainstorming events with other female business owners and professionals who can help you build your business from day one.


Marie Forleo

If you love to insert a little humor into the sometimes overwhelming prospect of how to start a business, build a website, discover your ideal customer and more, then this is a blog you do not want to miss! From her inspirational interviews to providing a mini MBA, Marie really focuses on the HOW TO of building your business. Oh, and did I mention that the girl can dance too?


Financial Resources

Finding traditional financial resources and funding to build a business are more challenging for women. You may find that applying for grants and developing a kick-starter campaign to be a more successful, yet non traditional route to funding. Eileen Fisher offers women owned business grants and American Express directs you to the right resources. IFUNDWOMEN  empowers women to start and grow better businesses. They provide funding to women's businesses through a flexible crowdfunding platform with a pay-it-forward model, expert startup coaching, professional video production, access to pitch competitions with investors, and a private community for entrepreneurs to collaborate.



This website and blog offers information and tools on everything small business and they are an amazing resource for start ups. Their blog covers almost every topic, from HOW TO START a business, to how to write a compelling email.  Hubspot has lots of information, infographics, all in easy to digest blog posts that are informative and inspiring.



If you are starting a business on a shoe-string budget, you may not have the funds to hire a graphic designer, art director or marketing manager. This easy to learn graphic design tool, makes designing your own logo and branding easy.



Once you have written your business plan, registered your business, designed your logo, developed your vision and mission statement, your next step is building your website. The website you build helps to establish your credibility and defines your business to those who might be looking for your services. Squarespace offers sophisticated templates and helps you learn the basics of designing your website with webinars and online tutorials.

Andrea Turner, Founder

Andrea Turner, Founder

If the dream of starting your own business feels overwhelming, use the resources we have provided or find a consultant who can help you navigate the challenges of your entrepreneurial journey. Understand that success rarely happens over night, and take the time to build your business with a solid plan and support in place. 

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