Does Your Small Business Always Spark Joy?

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If your answer is a resounding yes then that’s phenomenal, but the truth is many small business owners are constantly overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running a business. Feeling the need to try and juggle the management of all the different projects of your business will do that to any business owner. We aren’t suggesting you throw out your business practices all together if your answer is no, but there are ways to help. 

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Marie Kondo took the nation by storm with “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” when the book was published in 2014. Since the release of her Netflix special Marie has motivated people everywhere to discard items in their life that didn’t “spark joy”. Although Marie was regarding decluttering household items, this practice can and should be integrated throughout your entire life including your business practices. 

For many small business owners, it can be hard to delegate tasks and you may end up taking on too much. This is where you may need to tidy up, by sitting down and analyzing your business practices, determining what is working well for you, what projects you really enjoy as well as understanding what you can delegate and all the “To Do’s” you keep pushing off to do later.  

It’s important to understand what is working and growing your business and what is slowing you down. It may be a social media page that takes time and effort to curate but isn’t contributing to your client or revenue growth. It could also be an e-commerce platform that is a cost to your business but hasn’t brought you sales in return. There are many reasons your hard work may not manifest into instant success, but the first step is identifying these business practices that aren’t working for your small business. 

Swivel Works can help by sitting down for a free business consultation to help determine what doesn’t spark joy for your business. Once that’s determined, the next step is mapping out a plan to revamp what’s slowing your business down. Whether this plan includes talent acquisitionadmin servicesmarketing services, or other design services within your company, we will be there every step of the way to guide you to joy in your business growth. Let us help you bring joy back into your business, by supporting your needs with services that revolve around you.

Tamara Johnson