Want to be your own boss? Take our assessment to find out if you are ready to be a business owner!

Are you ready to start your own business, but you are feeling unsure if you should? 

Take our 10 question assessment to find out!!

Making the decision to start my own business wasn't a difficult decision for me to make. I walked away from a six-figure career in a high energy retail giant without much difficulty. Sure, I would miss the team dynamic, the mentoring of associates and a female leader who inspired me with her poise, & ability to communicate grand scale ideas and get them accomplished successfully.

Even with all those pluses, the daily grind, the long commute, lack of work-life balance, and the continual nagging of my inner voice that kept telling me that there was something more meaningful out there, made my exit relatively easy. 

It was easy for me but how about you? 

So how do you decide to become an entrepreneur, start a business that speaks to your passions, vision and values? Take our quiz to help you determine if taking the leap is right for you!

1. Are you currently working only for the paycheck?  Do you think working for yourself would be more fulfilling and inspiring?

2. Are you passionate about a hobby or project that makes your heart race or fills your mind with ideas to improve it and drives you to spend your free time working on it?

3. Are you willing to ask for help and surround yourself with people who can help you move your passion forward?

4.     Do you have the financial ability to leave your current career to pursue your dream business or will it start as a side gig?

5.      If you have a dream business that you want to make reality, have you outlined your business plan on paper?

6.     Have you looked at competitors to see who they are, where they are and what they are doing?

7.      Have you taken classes or courses to help you become an expert in your field?

8.      Have you established goals your first,3rd and 5th year in business to understand where you are heading and what you need to do to get there?

9.  What is the "Why" behind your business idea. Why do really want to jump in and start a new business? 

10. You can't be an expert at everything a small business needs to do to succeed over the long term. Have you found the people who can accomplish the tasks and projects that aren't your expertise?

 If you answered yes to 50% of the questions - Congratulations!

Welcome to the world of go-getters, big thinkers and dreamers! You have ENTREPRENEUR in your heart & soul.

If you need help taking the next step in your entrepreneurial journey, let us know. Your vision is our vision and we can help you get there!

Is it time to be your own boss?

Is it time to be your own boss?