Our Mission


We are a woman-owned business with a community of professionals working to help small business compete in a big business world.

While we may offer digital, creative & administrative services, we are not a “tech” company. We are a PEOPLE company. We are passionate about your small business. We are your visionary partners in developing your brand and fostering business growth. We are your back office team, consultants, and partners in building the business you have always dreamed of.

Your vision becomes our vision. Your success is our success. Your small business is BIG to us.


Here is how we can help you succeed!

We manage your projects, large and small, and take the"OVERWHELMED" out of your day to day business process.  You have the choice to work with a variety of professionals, but here is the real reason you will want to work with the Swivel Works team.

WE CARE. WE REALLY CARE about you, your business and your success. We work with you as little or as much as you need. You can bounce ideas around, ask for opinions, reach out to your Account Manager for updates or just check in. We value our relationship with you and we work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services.

Not only do we care about your business, we feel your small business is crucial to the health of your surrounding community. We view the success of your business as supporting a community. And that's our mission and passion. When we help your small business succeed, you help a community succeed.


Andrea Turner




Who We Are

SWIVEL WORKS launched in 2016, originally named AT YOUR SERVICE OFFICE ASSISTANT (yes that is a mouthful, and why we rebranded!) as a support service for entrepreneurs, busy executives and small business owners.

With multiple generations of small business owners in their heritage, and firsthand experience operating multiple small business startups, Founder Andrea Turner & partner Megan Jedry established SWIVEL WORKS to help support those who have chosen the rewarding yet challenging & often overwhelming entrepreneurial road of small business.

Their passion is the community of small business, and with decades of combined experience in both corporate and small business enterprise, their goal is to provide professional & economical services to that community of go-getters & big thinkers who choose to follow their dream of starting their own business.


Here are some things we can help you with:

  • Document Creation & Formatting

  • Market Research

  • Writing, Editing, Content Repurposing

  • Social Media Management

  • Customer Services

  • Email Management

  • Website Design & Management

  • Content Creation

  • General Marketing Management

  • Staff Recruitment

  • Graphic Design

  • Promotional Event Management

...and more!


A select list of the clients we serve:


Carolanne, Owner  of House & Closet

To our amazement the process of building a web site and initiating consistent social media actually produced a result, in fact effective results AND it was unexpectantly fun. Thank you Andrea & Megan, you made it happen. We are so relieved and grateful you got this going. Could not have done it without you.


Joe & Maylon, Owners of Divi Tree Coffee

As the owner of a small coffee shop, I couldn't be happier after working with Swivel Works. Efficient reliable and super creative. We specifically use them for our website along with monthly maintenance & emails. If you are a small business owner and need anything, contact Swivel Works and they will sure to help you!


Claudia, Owner  of Ormolu Interior Design

I wish you all the best. Thanks for all the great work you did in helping me get my new business going. Really appreciate your energy, creativity, and professionalism. It’s a comfort to know you can continue to help me!


FJM Applied Behavioral Services

I will definitely keep you in mind for all projects, and will refer my friends and family to you... and thank you and your company so much for your beautiful work and excellent service.


Want to Join the Team?